Enroll Now

Before you enroll you may want to:

  • Review eligibility rules to determine which plan(s) you may enroll in:
    State of Delaware 403(b) TSA Plan overview. Employees working in a public school, charter school, DTCC, DSU and Department of Education regardless of pension eligibility can participate in the 403(b) Plan.
    State of Delaware 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan overview. Pension-eligible employees can participate in the 457(b) Plan; however Casual-Seasonal employees are not eligible.
  • Watch this brief enrollment video
  • Consider how much you want to save
  • Take a minute and review your investment options to help you prepare for your selections during enrollment.
  • Be prepared to name a beneficiary

The Online Process

Select Enroll to launch the online enrollment website for the plan you wish to enroll in first. You must enroll in each plan separately. Once the enrollment process is complete for a plan, you will have the chance to review and confirm your entries before submitting your enrollment information. An email confirmation will be sent to the email address you provide during the enrollment process. In addition, a separate confirmation of your enrollment will be mailed to the postal address you provide. This confirmation will include a default Personal Identification Number (PIN) for accessing your account online.

Plan Plan Number Verification Number
457(b) Plan 664093 122437 Enroll
403(b) Plan 664095 122437 Enroll